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The Duromax XP4400E portable generator has created a lot of mixed reviews. It has some really good points for a generator that is priced pretty low but some people have had a dream run with it and like it very much, while others can’t stand the thing and have had lots of trouble.

The XP4400E generates 4400 watts from its 7 horsepower four cycle engine (but make that 3500 continuous watts). It has two 120 volt DC outlets and is reasonably lightweight at 116 pounds, so it’s portable enough to transport in your RV and with 3500 watts it will power a lot of appliances in your home. However, users of this generator report that it’s at its happiest at about 2500 watts.

At $405 delivered free to your door, that’s a fairly good price considering they include its wheel kit (many don’t and charge extra for this).Customers do say that it has a good noise level and hasn’t worried them if its sitting outside and they are in their house. This would naturally mean that it would seem acceptable to be run at camping grounds too, which is a huge bonus.

If you intend running the Duromax XP4400E a lot at your home, I’d recommend installing a transfer switch so you can easily connect the generator to your home’s main breaker panel. You should be able to install it yourself and the switch will cost you about $265. This transfer switch is recommended for all portable generators used for home use as it does away with having untidy and dangerous cords lying everywhere.

Learn how to build a generator enclosure

Other customers have had problems though but most have been through delivery problems where items have been broken en route. Others have complained that the service is not great, Duromax not having service centre’s in most States, so warranties are back to base. The Duromax is rated to handle 30 amps, but there have been complaints that anything approaching 20 amps will trip the unit. Others haven’t complained about this at all.

  • Continual 3500 watts
  • Electric start and recoild start
  • Comes with wheel kit
  • 36″ x 24″ x 24″7 hp / 4 cycle engine
  • One year warranty

Pros of the Duromax XP4400E:

  • Excellent price of $405 delivered free to your door
  • Electric start
  • Reasonably lightweight and portable
  • Very quiet
  • Comes complete with wheel kit

  • Some have complained about build quality
  • Some complaints about tripping out at 20 amps
  • Does not arrive with oilIs not CARB complaint, therefore unable to use it in California, but can be used in all other States

So the Duromax XP4400E portable generator is a bit of a dilemma. As I said some love it some hate it, but the people that really like it are around 80%, so, if you interested concerns that it may be faulty or not run right are limited. We would say its perfect for an RV and not bad as a back up portable generator for home use as well.

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AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer Review

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer - Cleaning has reached a whole new level since electric pressure washers have been invented. Cleaning a patio, a car, furniture and other various surfaces and things around the house has never been easier.

Alas, if you want to be sure that you have one of the best pressure for home use and that your cleaning sessions are hassle free, then you’d be happy to find out that the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer may be just what you’ve been looking for.

You’ll find that you couldn’t have spent better the $152 that AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer costs. Not only will this 27 pounds weight and 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5 inches pressure washer help you with your everyday cleaning, but it will also help you save time and money. Imagine how much time you spend when you clean in the traditional way and you will see how that time and energy can convert later into important savings. To make things better, the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer is made out of a combination of copper, aluminum and plastic and it comes with a manual sheet instruction for ease of use and maneuverability.

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer - Key Features

Being able to clean fast and effective isn’t enough. That is why the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer includes an accessory kit that contains a gun, an adjustable jet nozzle, a high-pressure hose and a lance with foam dispenser. In other words, thanks to the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer you will not only save time while cleaning, but you can also clean a variety of surfaces and objects inside and outside the house. Moreover, you can add various surface cleaners in the attachable foamer/soap bottle when needed.

Another great thing about the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer is the fact that it is designed with a two-wheel trolley mounted unit for ease of maneuverability. Furthermore, the pressure washer also has a handle and a hose reel, which allow you to manage and transport the washer with ease whenever you desire.

A universal electric motor of 120 volts, 60 HZ, 11 amps is what makes the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer powerful and effective. This washer has a maximum volume of 1.5 GPM and a maximum pressure of 1,900 PSI. To put it simpler, you get power to clean anything that you desire in almost no time.

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Okuma Versus-605-20 Voyager spinning travel Kit review

The Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit is really a fishing rod set filled with reel and transporting situation. But, before we enter in the particulars around the Okuma, let’s discuss spinning rods generally.

A spinning fishing rod is really a fishing pole produced from abs plastic or graphite, around six ft lengthy, having a foam or cork handle. Unlike other sorts of fly fishing reels, the reel is hung underneath the fishing rod rather than resting on the top, and it is attached with a securing or sliding reel chair. A spinning fishing rod normally has between five and eight line-guides along the size of the bottom from the fishing rod, to manage the road. While you re-locate toward the end, the guides (or eyes) become more compact, meaning the guide nearest the handle may be the biggest.

The easiest spinning rods are utilized to catch United States freshwater sport fish, for example trout, bass, walleye, and pike. More complicated spinning rods, longer, with more powerful reels along with a handle sized and formed for 2 hands, are mainly accustomed to catch saltwater fish.

The reel combined with a spinning fishing rod is simple to use, and never vulnerable to backlash. You will find three kinds of spinning reels:- Ultra-light reels handle fishing line varying from two-pound test to 6-pound test.- Light reels, typically the most popular, aim at light-tackle catch-and-release fishing, and employ fishing line from six-pound test to twenty-pound test.- Heavy reels are meant for use with lines as much as fifty-pound test, for trolling, surf fishing, and bottom fishing, but, first and foremost, for catching individuals really Large fish.

Since we’ve covered the fundamentals of the items a spinning package ought to be, let’s consider the Okuma Voyager Travel Spinning Kit.

Description Of Product

The Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit is really one of the best casting rods and reel package that’s made to travel. Once the fishing rod is together is six ft lengthy, however once taken apart matches their own situation is the fact that approximately two meters lengthy, which makes it ideal to set up the bag or perhaps in a corner of the vehicle. Under normal conditions, I believe a six-feet pole fishing is a touch short for serious fishing, but because of the Okuma is particularly designed to become a fishing rod travel the size of six ft is suitable.

The Okuma is a great fishing rod swivel is much more than able to coping with medium and small-sized trout, bass, panfish, etc. eyewall, however when it involves the bigger sample of fish struggles, Okuma fishing rod. This bar isn’t created for large fish, therefore if you’re after pike, carp or catfish the Okuma fishing rod travel isn’t appropriate. In the pivot Okuma are only able to cope with the more compact fish onboard assure me accordingly and until fish is light, with light line. Using light line guarantees line breaks prior to the fishing rod basically manage to connect with a monster fish lost.

The Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel Kit isn’t guy enough to ruin large fishing lures towards the horizon and it is more suitable for small fishing lures. After I use my fishing rod Okuma usually fish line around £ four to six pounds tensile strength and using small spinner baits or spoons. You need to steer clear of the large crank baits and plugs, however gives these fishing lures can be used for bigger fish, this really is good sense.

In the Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel Kit is broken into five sections configuring it is reduced than travel rods. Setting this bar until you have to make certain all eyes are correctly aligned opposite rods, the road hits the model and it is prone to breaking. Although it might take longer to create travel bars, this bar isn’t difficult to setup, so don’t let this deter you purchasing one fact.

With five separate sections, you will find four combinations which means more possibilities for that bar in the future apart and go while using the bar. Actually, lots of people who bought this bar have were not impressed with this, however , you don’t need to. One method to avoid this really is to regularly check all sections are strongly attached, this really is tiresome and break the “flow of fishing.” Alternatively, you will get some small clamps, place each and every joint and tighten lower. This is exactly what I actually do and delay pills work perfectly and keeps the fishing rod together. When utilizing hose clamps clamps could be loose and also the fishing rod left on if not being used.

Benefits and drawbacks 


It folds up really small, could be saved inside a vehicle runk, matches a ruck sack easily, very light, well suited for unpredicted situations


Pieces break easily, while fishing (easily solved using a hose clamp), not appropriate for big fish, reel incorporated within the Kit is actually useless

Customer Review

After I was searching for a retractable fishing rod travel found other models compared to Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel Kit, however after reading through reading user reviews I made the decision to consider a danger as well as an finish. I’m able to honestly express it would be a useful gamble because it is a real great spinning fishing rod travel residing in a corner of my vehicle, or backpack when I’m on tour or vacation.

Since the moving situation has foam inside, is easy to remove to produce room for other small items.

Ok now what about the organization, which makes this Kit? Okuma was discovered later, as well as for quite a while, made fishing tackle equipment for others before being released using their own type of brand-title items. Today, Okuma is one among the country’s premier fish tackle companies, dedicated to the assorted needs of both casual and heavy anglers. Included in that commitment, in case your fishing rod or reel is broken, Okuma offers to service the broken component at any one of its countrywide network of Approved Repair/Warranty Centers.

This trip Kit spinning fishing rod is ideal for storing within the boot of the vehicle for individuals occasions when dealing with a brand new bit of water and would like to throw a lure. Similarly, this spinning fishing rod travel Kit is ideal if you want camping and like catching wild trout for tea. However, should you target large specimen fish or large fish Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel Kit yarn won’t be guy enough and you’re simply advised to purchase another thing.

Bosch 36618-02 Review


New compact tough design for increased maneuverability and less user fatigue

Features 0-500/0-1,600 RPM and 500 in./lbs. of torque20-position clutch settings for precise driving applications

State-of-art lithium-ion battery technology coupled with ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) system guarantees the optimal performance of tool and batteries even for tough work conditions

LED Light is great for dark or enclosed areas


Built tough, the Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact-Tough Litheon Drill/Driver with two slim pack batteries is a durable, powerful, and compact tool for high-quality results. Featuring Durashield housing to guard against wear and tear, the 36618-02 utilizes an 18-volt Litheon battery, which provides 35% more runtime and two times the recharge cycles of its competitors.


Built tough, the Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact-Tough Litheon Drill/Driver with Two Slim Pack Batteries is one of the best rated cordless hammer drill a durable, powerful, and compact tool for high-quality results. Featuring Durashield housing to guard against wear and tear, the 36618-02 utilizes an 18-volt Litheon battery, which provides 35% more runtime and two times the recharge cycles of its competitors.18-Volt Litheon Batteries for Maximum Runtime and Manageability

The 36618-02 utilizes state-of-art lithium-ion battery technology and Bosch’s proprietary ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) system to provide maximum cycle life, minimum self-discharge, and no memory-effect. Best of all, Litheon batteries will fully charge in 30 minutes and will be at 85% capacity in just 15 minutes.

Up to one pound lighter than comparable 18-volt NiCad drills/drivers, the 36618-02 won’t weigh you down. It’s ideal for a wide range of drilling and fastening jobs, from hanging curtains to building a deck; from making automotive repairs to installing cabinetry.

Unique, Flexible Power System

Like all tools in Bosch’s 18-Volt line, this cordless drill/driver can be used with either a 1.3-Ah BAT609 Slim Pack battery (two included) or a 2.6-Ah BAT318 Fat Pack. If you’re looking for a lighter-weight option, the Slim Pack is the perfect choice. If longer runtime is what you need, the Fat Pack will do the job. Bosch is the only power tool manufacturer that provides this option.

Fast Speeds, High Torque, and Durable Construction for Reliable Results

The 36618-02 works at speeds up to 1,600 RPM and provides 500 in./lbs. of torque. Durashield housing, unibody construction, and a steel-reinforced collar help you withstand real-world conditions, like temperature extremes, rain, dirt, debris, and drops.

The 36618-02′s Durashield Housing is constructed with ABS/Nylon composite, which makes the housing flexible and impenetrable. Unlike competitive tools, which use a conventional plastic housing, Durashield will not crack and can easily withstand 10-foot drops.

This tool also features unique unibody construction with three steel straps that keep the motor, gears, and clutch together. This ensures that the gears never separate from the motor, and it keeps the drill functioning even after drops.

Additionally, the 36618-02 boasts an exclusive steel-reinforced collar that protects the nose of the drill. It provides extra reinforcement in the event of drops on the chuck and prevents the chuck from bending or breaking off.

Easy Bit Changes and Balanced Design for Utmost Control

The 36618-02 comes complete with a single-sleeve 1/2-inch chuck for one-handed bit changes, as well as increased drill-bit capacity for versatility. And for maximum control, comfort, and balance, the tool boasts a newly designed handle-grip with finger support.

Smart Features for Easy Use20 clutch settings and a variable-speed trigger help you match the best speed to the job, so you can achieve precise results. At the same time, the 36618-02′s ergonomic design provides optimum comfort and control. And for even greater convenience, LEDs provide illumination when you are working in dark or enclosed areas.

ProVantage Guarantee

The 36618-02 comes with the ProVantage three-year protection plan, which guarantees two years of battery protection and one year of tool protection. Under this plan, you can receive two years of free battery replacements, tool replacement for one year, and a free tool repair package for the second and third years.

What’s in the BoxDrill/driver; two Litheon Slim Packs; 30-minute charger; double-ended bit; and carrying case.

Installing a shower head

Replacing a Shower Head is a fairly easy job if you have patience and a pipe wrench. Take your time, check to make sure that the faucets are completely off and you have a traction mat in place if you are planning on standing in the bathtub.

For a Shower Head replacement you will need a pipe wrench, a towel or length of electrical tape, and plumber’s tape.

In order to remove the old Shower Head, grasp the shower arm firmly and slowly unscrew the Shower Head counter clockwise using a pipe wrench. If the Shower Head sticks because of rust or lime scale buildup, try using two pipe wrenches, one on the gooseneck end and the other on the nut, working them in opposite directions.

For this job you won’t have to turn off the water, but make sure that the area where you are standing is dry. If you are planning on reusing the Shower Head in another bathroom, protect the finish by wrapping it in a towel or length of electrical tape before you start working.

You will be reusing the shower arm, so clean it thoroughly. There may be old plumber’s tape, rust, and lime scale on the threads, so go over it with vinegar or a scale remover. Remove stubborn mineral deposits by saturating a cloth with vinegar and tying it over the threads for a few hours.

When the threads are clean and have dried completely, wrap them with Teflon plumber’s tape, winding it in a clockwise direction. Plumber’s tape will help make a tight, leak proof seal. Screw the replacement Shower Head onto the arm, being careful to match up the threads. Turn until you feel some resistance, but don’t use force. After you’ve tightened the new Shower Head, test it for leaks and do any additional tightening that might be necessary.

If your best rated shower head came with a washer as part of the assembly, use caution not to tighten it too much. It’s easy to accidentally push the washer out of position if you use too much force. Just keep making small adjustments until there are no leaks.

Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner Review

When you are considering putting up portable air conditioners in your home, DeLonghi portable air conditioner is one of the very best options available. Though it seems a little bit like an emu, but being a stylish little unit, this portable air conditioning unit will not seem like a fiend in your home or apartment. Produced with inventive technology, it offers a great choice in supremacy both in aesthetics and in function. In fact, it is designed to be very quiet while cooling you and your home off.

DeLonghi portable air conditioner provides the user with cutting-edge technology, sleek lines and metallic casings to make it appear as if it’s already belonged in the room without messing up the décor. Unlike the ordinary and/or tent air conditioning units, DeLonghi has accosted the market in the industry in terms of functionality created by inventive technology that provides a great sense of fashion without taking anything away from the décor of the user’s home or business place.

One amazing function of this line of air conditioner is that it will not only supply cool circulating air in the user’s home or apartment building, but it will also dehumidify and purify the air through a specialized filter -3M Filtrete filter. The DeLonghi family has really work hard to put an end to those nights of lying wide awake at night in sweaty bedspreads during hot periods and observing the mold moving up a bathroom wall. This portable unit is designed to quickly cool off a medium-sized room at maximum power, leaving you sweat-free and comfortable.

The Pros and Cons of DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner 

  • The DeLonghi line of portable air conditioner is available in a range of style and design to suit all home décor.
  • Apart from cooling off the circulating air in the space, the unit also dehumidifies and purifies the air using a specialized filter. This mechanism eliminates mold, dust, pollen and other airborne disease causing agents to make the circulating air in the given space fresh and lots safer.
  • It is made to operate quietly. This is one incredible feature that makes it suitable for all homes especially homes with old people, newborn(s), people with asthma and some other breathing problems. It seems as if the DeLonghi family put these groups of people into consideration when they are making this unit because they made it in a way that make these people’s lives much more comfortable.
  • It saves user much time and effort as it has no water tank to be emptied.
  • It cuts down the user’s utility bills as it is highly energy efficient. Its energy efficiency rating is an A as per the European Standards.
  • The unit is compact enough to be put up in smaller spaces.
  • It comes with timer to preset nighttime and/or daytime functions.

  • The user will have to exert some efforts in carrying the unit about within the home.
  • It is prone to damage as it can fall down while carrying it from one space to another
  • It does not come with a water discharged tank which is a warning call for prospective buyers.

We choose the DeLonghi portable air conditioner because of its high energy efficiency and attractive designs.

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Holders Barcelona will meet Gary Neville's Valencia in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey, whilst Sevilla face Celta Vigo in the other semi-final.
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Former Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic announced his retirement from football on Friday at the age of 34.
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TED Radio Hour: What We Fear


Human beings have a fine-tuned sense of fear. But how do we distinguish between fear and danger? How do we decide which fears are rational and irrational?

In this hour, TED speakers explore what it means to be afraid, and how we calm ourselves down – or don’t – when we’re terrified.

1. Chris Hadfield: How Do You Deal With Fear Versus Danger?

2. Karen Thompson Walker: What’s The Difference Between Rational and Irrational Fears?

3. Joe Kowan: Is There A Cure For Stage Fright?

4. David Blaine: Is It Possible To Be Fearless?

5. Stephen Cave: Should We Be Afraid Of Death?

news blog
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>>> TED Radio Hour: What We Fear


Human beings have a fine-tuned sense of fear. But how do we distinguish between fear and danger? How do we decide which fears are rational and irrational?

In this hour, TED speakers explore what it means to be afraid, and how we calm ourselves down – or don’t – when we’re terrified.

1. Chris Hadfield: How Do You Deal With Fear Versus Danger?

2. Karen Thompson Walker: What’s The Difference Between Rational and Irrational Fears?

3. Joe Kowan: Is There A Cure For Stage Fright?

4. David Blaine: Is It Possible To Be Fearless?

5. Stephen Cave: Should We Be Afraid Of Death?

TED Radio Hour: What We Fear

TED Radio Hour: What We Fear

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