Kenyans want lower taxes in upcoming budget

Economic experts have already predicted additional taxes as the government seeks to raise money to fund heavy infrastructure projects/FILE

Economic experts have already predicted additional taxes as the government seeks to raise money to fund heavy infrastructure projects/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 8 – Kenyans want lower taxes in the year 2016/2017 and are urging the government to relook the tax issue as they prepare the next budget.

Those who spoke to Capital FM Business want the 16 percent Value Added Tax reviewed especially for basic goods.

Economic experts have already predicted additional taxes as the government seeks to raise money to fund heavy infrastructure projects.

“We are heavily taxed, the government needs to review that, the government can tax other non essentials but not basic needs,” said Cosmas Nzomo a Nairobi resident who was backed Anthony Kiboro a barber In the city centre who urged the Treasury not to add taxes on any items.

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“Treasury always adds VAT on items almost all the time the budget is read, we ask them to give us a break this year,” Kiboro said urging the government to look at ways that will bring interest rates down in the fiscal year.

Martin Mwatete a student at the University of Nairobi says security still needs to be prioritised in the budget as well as infrastructure especially roads to spur economic growth.

“Further investment needs to go on to security. We need to secure our borders, following continued attacks from Al Shabaab,” Alice Wambui added.

Last year, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich introduced excise tax on vehicles, motorcycles, cigarettes, fruit and vegetable juices and water to cater for the current year’s budget.

Genghis Capital Research Analyst Vinita Kotedia says the Treasury should seek new budgetary sources in order to create a balance and neutralise pressures on the local debt market.

“Ideas like borrowing from the Asian market are good options and should be taken into further consideration as it would reduce the debt burden on the Treasury as well as prevent volatility and interest rate distortion in the domestic market,” she explained.

On his part, Research Analyst at ABC Capital Joshua Otiende says government should continue investing more in infrastructure that will offer much needed support to economic growth citing that heavy capital expenditure by government has supported economic growth despite major shocks.

The government should focus on other ways to ensure fiscal stability In the economy, for instance heavy investment in agriculture to improve food security might positively impact inflation as food (one of the major basket of items in calculation inflation) will be affordable, also, Investments geared towards reducing the cost of energy will have a positive impact on the cost of doing business since and stimulate economic growth,” Otiende told Capital FM Business.

He also urged the government to improve the quality of education through a school upgrading program that will not only improve literacy levels but provide the much needed human capital a growing economy needs.

“Diversification of our sources of foreign earners will help the country improve the account deficit and in effect stabilise the exchange market. The country needs to focus on improving trade within Africa if we are to sustain the growth momentum,” he added.

The National Treasury has invited individuals, institutions and the private sector among others to submit proposals that could be considered when preparing the National Fiscal Budget for the financial year 2016/2017.

According to Treasury Principal Secretary Kamau Thugge, the move is constitutional and caters for openness, accountability and public participation in financial matters.

“In accordance to Article 201 (a) of the constitution, which calls for openness, accountability and public participation in financial matters, the National Treasury hereby invite the private sector, non-governmental organizations and individuals to submit proposals on economic policy measures that the Cabinet Secretary could consider in preparing the National Fiscal Budget for the Financial year 2016/2017,” read Thugge’s statement.

Pan Africa Asset Management Portfolio Manager Kevin Kiprono however says the approach would have been executed differently.

“At the moment, the country has a Vision 2030 strategy that should be driving the budget. The initiatives of the strategy are linked to specific sectors, and the players/experts in each of these sectors should be consulted on how far off we are in tracking our objective. The proposals will arise at this level on what factors should be included to spur economic growth, what has been achieved and what’s missing, what are their costs and how much revenues should be expected on each initiative,” Kiprono explained.

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Why I opted to sell SuzieBeauty and take up a job – Suzie Wokabi

Her elegance, beauty and dashing style is no doubt that Wokabi is indeed a brand in the cosmetic industry/CFM BUSINESS

Her elegance, beauty and dashing style is no doubt that Wokabi is indeed a brand in the cosmetic industry/CFM BUSINESS

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 8 – For most of the history of civilization, human beings have always made a big deal about the number 40. And Suzie Wokabi, the Founder of SuzieBeauty Cosmetics, is one of them.

She will be celebrating her 40th birthday in December this year and as she tells me during an interview, “everything seems to fall in place.”

I mean, the beauty guru is smiling all the way to the bank after selling her seven-year old SuzieBeauty Cosmetics company to listed firm, Flame Tree Group.

“When I was turning 30, I couldn’t wait because in my 20s I was such a hot mess. I my thirties, the same thing. But as I turn 40 I feel like I would be settled into everything. My brand is settled into a new face, my babies (two) are moving on; like no more sleepless nights. So being in my 40s is like getting everything into the next level,” she says in between laughs.

Her elegance, beauty and dashing style is no doubt that Wokabi is indeed a brand in the cosmetic industry.

It is my first time to interact with her at a personal level and I can say it was I was quite nervous at first but it ends up being interesting. At some point into the conversation, I feel like I am having one of my usual girl talks over a cup of coffee. From her warmth, smile, not forgetting her comical lines.

“My kids are growing and I got my friends telling me to get more. I am like, why would I do that to myself or anybody I know.”

So let’s get candid, how much money did you make from this deal? I ask her.

“I will give you only one answer. Yes, I made some good money, but can’t talk figures. I mean I did not make ‘nothing,” she remains adamant against disclosure on the basis that the process is still under regulatory process.

Wokabi made her name in the industry after she became the first Kenyan and makeup artist to start and own a local cosmetic line.

But why sell the company and the only brand she is associated with?

“SuzieBeauty the brand is now acquired by the Flame Tree Group and SuzieBeauty is one of their portfolios now. And as I said, we have had equity partners before, we have had debt partners before, banks with us and so I have been open to whatever. I met Flame Tree; I know it was the right choice. This is the first time they have taken the founder of the brand and the brand. And since I registered this company seven years ago, I have my dream job. I have been the CEO all through and it’s never been a comfortable place. I am best in PR, marketing, creative etc. Now, Suzy Wokabi is now under Flame Tree as the Chief Creative Officer and Brand Ambassador of SuzyBeauty,” she says.

Wokabi’s journey, just like many entrepreneurs, has not been easy. Fundraising especially to get capital for manufacturing her products she says, was one of the most difficult thing that she would not even wish on her worst enemy.

A lot of the investors she approached wanted to give an offer, the ‘Shark Tank’ style while others would turn her away because she did have any sales numbers. No one was ready to risk put in their money to a non-tangible idea.

However after a long hustle, in 2012, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Wokabi found two investment groups willing to help her and provide the funding she needed to place the mass order for the products from her manufacturer in Asia. She received Sh7.2 million ($71,000) from the two investment groups and Sh12 million ($118,000) from Chase Bank.

At this time, Wokabi had already developed her 32 different products which now needed mass manufacturing. Since she could not afford to set up a factory, her manufacturer would produce the products according to her own specs, her ingredients and values and put her brand name – SuzieBeauty.

“At my initial stage of developing the products myself, my house was full of test tubes,” she recalls.

But at the time of the sale of the business last month, Wokabi had only managed to develop 12 products. These include lipsticks, face foundations, powders, brushes, eye shadows etc.

She says now being the ambassador behind the brand, she personally started; her wish is to only see her start-up move across Africa and the world.

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How Margaret Kiema is making it big in downtown Nairobi

Margaret wanja(L) speaking to the writer at her shop in downtown Nairobi/KEVIN GITAU

Margaret wanja(L) speaking to the writer at her shop in downtown Nairobi/KEVIN GITAU

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 8 – At 10pm on a February weekday, Luthuli Avenue in downtown Nairobi is busy to the core.

Eastleigh bound matatus are playing dance-hall music as touts persuade passengers into their vehicles. A beggar sits strategically at a corner as he calls out to by-passers to lend him money. M-PESA shops are jam-packed as shoe sellers showcase their mostly Chinese ‘latest collections’.

It is quite a spectacle.

Somewhere along that street, Margaret Wanja Kiema, a 27 year old has built a business worth millions in five years. Wanja sells imported unisex fabrics to wholesalers and retailers near Gaborone Lane next to the Nairobi Textiles building.

A Strathmore Business School Bachelor of Business Information Technology graduate, Wanja opted for the textile industry for two reasons – “My parents have been in this business way before Nairobi Textiles became as big as it is today. Being the first born, I found myself helping my parents out and hence learnt the business at an early age where I developed an interest.”

Her second reason stemmed from the gap she saw. In her words, designers and fashion houses that need her product are coming up every day. Additionally, there is a wedding every other weekend, which has created a gap for her to fill.

Starting and running the business

After she made the decision to branch out and leave her parent’s business behind in 2011, Wanja needed capital which was a huge chunk of money.

“I needed about Sh3.5 million, thankfully, my parents loaned me the cash.” A significant amount of the money – Sh2 million – went to securing the location where she is based. According to Wanja, the prime location means that people looking for fabrics can locate her easily.

Wanja confides that she repaid the loan in a year’s time with proceeds from her business.

Next, she needed stock. Armed with her borrowed money, Wanja set out to import fabrics from China, Dubai and India.

Dubai, she explained, is where ready-made fabrics are sourced from. These include fabrics for designer suits for men and women, and other fabrics making a name for them in the world of fashion. Materials sold at her shop include Khaki, cotton and satin among others.

“China is however different. I mainly work with factories there. I give them the fabric specifications I need, and they manufacture it. Hardly do I ever buy readymade materials from China due to counterfeit issues. India is however a bit of both worlds. I sometime work with Indian manufacturers and also buy readymade materials there,” she explained.

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Isaiah Otieno Okoth named Rift Valley Railways CEO

Okoth's appointment comes at a time when RVR has reached a pivotal stage of its development by concluding a five year investment and transformation programme/file

Okoth’s appointment comes at a time when RVR has reached a pivotal stage of its development by concluding a five year investment and transformation programme/file

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 8 – Rift Valley Railways the concessionaire of the Kenya-Uganda railway has appointed Isaiah Otieno Okoth as the new Group Chief Executive Officer.

He replaces Carlos De Andrade who served for three years.

Making the announcement, the Chairman of RVR Titus Naikuni stated Okoth is a respected management professional with years of experience at the highest level, his appointment will give the executive management team (EXCO) and the company in general the necessary leadership and focus necessary to succeed “As a board we have the fullest confidence in him and believe he has the skills and experience to take RVR to the next level.”

Okoth’s appointment comes at a time when RVR has reached a pivotal stage of its development by concluding a five year investment and transformation programme, which has seen the company more than double its locomotive and wagon carrying capacity, rehabilitate key sections of the rail infrastructure and introduce modern rail management systems.

As a result the company has improved on its reliability, efficiency and turn-around times bringing much needed confidence and customers back to the railway.

“The past five years have been challenging for everyone involved in the concession because of the sorry state the railway was in, however given the investments made and progress registered we believe RVR has finally turned the corner, the appointment of a new CEO is a very clear sign of this and we anticipate exponential growth under his leadership”.

Okoth has been General Electric General Manager in charge of Health Care for East Africa.

He joins RVR on the 1st March to commence the management transition and takes over on a full time basis on the April 1, 2016.

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Mexicans to light pope’s route with mobile phones

They want to make the longest ever human light chain on record/FILE

They want to make the longest ever human light chain on record/FILE

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, Worshipers will line the roadside holding up their mobile telephones to light the way for Pope Francis when he arrives on his visit to Mexico next week, organizers said Sunday.

The 79-year-old pontiff himself expressed “great happiness” at his looming visit, during which he will tour a major Catholic shrine in Mexico City and meet victims of violence and poverty.

Thousands of well-wishers are expected to come out to welcome the Argentine pontiff when he lands in Mexico City late Friday. They want to make the longest ever human light chain on record.

They plan to line the 19-kilometer route from the airport to the Vatican’s diplomatic mission in the capital as the pontiff passes through in his “Popemobile.”

“We want to receive the Holy Father with a special wall, what we call a wall of light and prayer,” said Roberto Delgado, a member of the organizing committee for the visit.

“We hope that with mobile phones, which are something that most people possess, we can make this light along the route the Holy Father will take,” he told a news conference.

Organizers played a video greeting from the pope himself.

“There is not long to go before my trip to Mexico and I am very happy. I feel great happiness. I have always had a special place in my prayers for all Mexicans,” he said.

– ‘Missionary of compassion and peace’ –

The pope said he would fulfil one of his “greatest desires” by visiting the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

Organizers called on the faithful to bring rosary beads and pray for Francis as he passes along. They suggested bringing small electrical torches but no candles for safety reasons.

Delgado said they were aiming “to set a record by forming a human chain of light of 19 kilometres,” said Delgado.

“If people fill both lanes, then we are talking about practically 38 kilometres… That has never been done before in any country.”

The pope’s visit will run February 12-16 and is scheduled to take in several Mexican states crippled by violence and poverty.

“I wish to come as a missionary of compassion and peace,” he said in the video.

His visit will include a mass in the city of Juarez, near the US border, plagued by violence and drug trafficking.

He will meet with indigenous peoples, prisoners and the families of victims of violence.

“I want to be as close to you as possible, but especially to those who suffer, to embrace them and tell them that Jesus loves them very much,” the pope said.

On the way to Mexico, the pope will stop over in Cuba for a historic meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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Kenya, Uganda to establish Electronic Cargo Tracking System

URA Legal Services Commissioner Patience Rubagumya exchanges documents with KRA boss Njiraini

URA Legal Services Commissioner Patience Rubagumya exchanges documents with KRA boss Njiraini

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 7 – The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to facilitate the establishment of a regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS).

The MoU was signed by URA Commissioner General Akol Doris and her Kenyan counterpart John Njiraini at the just concluded East African Revenue Authorities Commissioners General (EARACG) meeting, in Nairobi.

Njiraini said: “The MoU will facilitate the integration of a regional ECTS to provide real time tracking of the movement of goods under customs control along the Northern Corridor, minimize diversion of goods under customs control, provide timely response to transit alerts, identify supply chain trends and hence enhance the decision making process and to safeguard national security.”

In line with the MoU signed over the weekend, both KRA and URA will ensure that there is an effective and efficient Regional ECTS system that will minimize transit diversion, safeguard against revenue loss, expedite the seamless movement of goods, promote trade facilitation and lead to reduced costs of doing business within both Kenya & Uganda.

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Duromax XP4400E - Portable Generators For Home Use - Our Reviews of Portable Generators

The Duromax XP4400E portable generator has created a lot of mixed reviews. It has some really good points for a generator that is priced pretty low but some people have had a dream run with it and like it very much, while others can’t stand the thing and have had lots of trouble.

The XP4400E generates 4400 watts from its 7 horsepower four cycle engine (but make that 3500 continuous watts). It has two 120 volt DC outlets and is reasonably lightweight at 116 pounds, so it’s portable enough to transport in your RV and with 3500 watts it will power a lot of appliances in your home. However, users of this generator report that it’s at its happiest at about 2500 watts.

At $405 delivered free to your door, that’s a fairly good price considering they include its wheel kit (many don’t and charge extra for this).Customers do say that it has a good noise level and hasn’t worried them if its sitting outside and they are in their house. This would naturally mean that it would seem acceptable to be run at camping grounds too, which is a huge bonus.

If you intend running the Duromax XP4400E a lot at your home, I’d recommend installing a transfer switch so you can easily connect the generator to your home’s main breaker panel. You should be able to install it yourself and the switch will cost you about $265. This transfer switch is recommended for all portable generators used for home use as it does away with having untidy and dangerous cords lying everywhere.

Learn how to build a generator enclosure

Other customers have had problems though but most have been through delivery problems where items have been broken en route. Others have complained that the service is not great, Duromax not having service centre’s in most States, so warranties are back to base. The Duromax is rated to handle 30 amps, but there have been complaints that anything approaching 20 amps will trip the unit. Others haven’t complained about this at all.

  • Continual 3500 watts
  • Electric start and recoild start
  • Comes with wheel kit
  • 36″ x 24″ x 24″7 hp / 4 cycle engine
  • One year warranty

Pros of the Duromax XP4400E:

  • Excellent price of $405 delivered free to your door
  • Electric start
  • Reasonably lightweight and portable
  • Very quiet
  • Comes complete with wheel kit

  • Some have complained about build quality
  • Some complaints about tripping out at 20 amps
  • Does not arrive with oilIs not CARB complaint, therefore unable to use it in California, but can be used in all other States

So the Duromax XP4400E portable generator is a bit of a dilemma. As I said some love it some hate it, but the people that really like it are around 80%, so, if you interested concerns that it may be faulty or not run right are limited. We would say its perfect for an RV and not bad as a back up portable generator for home use as well.

Click on ‘more information’ below to see more customer reviews:

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer Review

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer - Cleaning has reached a whole new level since electric pressure washers have been invented. Cleaning a patio, a car, furniture and other various surfaces and things around the house has never been easier.

Alas, if you want to be sure that you have one of the best pressure for home use and that your cleaning sessions are hassle free, then you’d be happy to find out that the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer may be just what you’ve been looking for.

You’ll find that you couldn’t have spent better the $152 that AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer costs. Not only will this 27 pounds weight and 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5 inches pressure washer help you with your everyday cleaning, but it will also help you save time and money. Imagine how much time you spend when you clean in the traditional way and you will see how that time and energy can convert later into important savings. To make things better, the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer is made out of a combination of copper, aluminum and plastic and it comes with a manual sheet instruction for ease of use and maneuverability.

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer - Key Features

Being able to clean fast and effective isn’t enough. That is why the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer includes an accessory kit that contains a gun, an adjustable jet nozzle, a high-pressure hose and a lance with foam dispenser. In other words, thanks to the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer you will not only save time while cleaning, but you can also clean a variety of surfaces and objects inside and outside the house. Moreover, you can add various surface cleaners in the attachable foamer/soap bottle when needed.

Another great thing about the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer is the fact that it is designed with a two-wheel trolley mounted unit for ease of maneuverability. Furthermore, the pressure washer also has a handle and a hose reel, which allow you to manage and transport the washer with ease whenever you desire.

A universal electric motor of 120 volts, 60 HZ, 11 amps is what makes the AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer powerful and effective. This washer has a maximum volume of 1.5 GPM and a maximum pressure of 1,900 PSI. To put it simpler, you get power to clean anything that you desire in almost no time.

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Okuma Versus-605-20 Voyager spinning travel Kit review

The Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit is really a fishing rod set filled with reel and transporting situation. But, before we enter in the particulars around the Okuma, let’s discuss spinning rods generally.

A spinning fishing rod is really a fishing pole produced from abs plastic or graphite, around six ft lengthy, having a foam or cork handle. Unlike other sorts of fly fishing reels, the reel is hung underneath the fishing rod rather than resting on the top, and it is attached with a securing or sliding reel chair. A spinning fishing rod normally has between five and eight line-guides along the size of the bottom from the fishing rod, to manage the road. While you re-locate toward the end, the guides (or eyes) become more compact, meaning the guide nearest the handle may be the biggest.

The easiest spinning rods are utilized to catch United States freshwater sport fish, for example trout, bass, walleye, and pike. More complicated spinning rods, longer, with more powerful reels along with a handle sized and formed for 2 hands, are mainly accustomed to catch saltwater fish.

The reel combined with a spinning fishing rod is simple to use, and never vulnerable to backlash. You will find three kinds of spinning reels:- Ultra-light reels handle fishing line varying from two-pound test to 6-pound test.- Light reels, typically the most popular, aim at light-tackle catch-and-release fishing, and employ fishing line from six-pound test to twenty-pound test.- Heavy reels are meant for use with lines as much as fifty-pound test, for trolling, surf fishing, and bottom fishing, but, first and foremost, for catching individuals really Large fish.

Since we’ve covered the fundamentals of the items a spinning package ought to be, let’s consider the Okuma Voyager Travel Spinning Kit.

Description Of Product

The Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit is really one of the best casting rods and reel package that’s made to travel. Once the fishing rod is together is six ft lengthy, however once taken apart matches their own situation is the fact that approximately two meters lengthy, which makes it ideal to set up the bag or perhaps in a corner of the vehicle. Under normal conditions, I believe a six-feet pole fishing is a touch short for serious fishing, but because of the Okuma is particularly designed to become a fishing rod travel the size of six ft is suitable.

The Okuma is a great fishing rod swivel is much more than able to coping with medium and small-sized trout, bass, panfish, etc. eyewall, however when it involves the bigger sample of fish struggles, Okuma fishing rod. This bar isn’t created for large fish, therefore if you’re after pike, carp or catfish the Okuma fishing rod travel isn’t appropriate. In the pivot Okuma are only able to cope with the more compact fish onboard assure me accordingly and until fish is light, with light line. Using light line guarantees line breaks prior to the fishing rod basically manage to connect with a monster fish lost.

The Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel Kit isn’t guy enough to ruin large fishing lures towards the horizon and it is more suitable for small fishing lures. After I use my fishing rod Okuma usually fish line around £ four to six pounds tensile strength and using small spinner baits or spoons. You need to steer clear of the large crank baits and plugs, however gives these fishing lures can be used for bigger fish, this really is good sense.

In the Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel Kit is broken into five sections configuring it is reduced than travel rods. Setting this bar until you have to make certain all eyes are correctly aligned opposite rods, the road hits the model and it is prone to breaking. Although it might take longer to create travel bars, this bar isn’t difficult to setup, so don’t let this deter you purchasing one fact.

With five separate sections, you will find four combinations which means more possibilities for that bar in the future apart and go while using the bar. Actually, lots of people who bought this bar have were not impressed with this, however , you don’t need to. One method to avoid this really is to regularly check all sections are strongly attached, this really is tiresome and break the “flow of fishing.” Alternatively, you will get some small clamps, place each and every joint and tighten lower. This is exactly what I actually do and delay pills work perfectly and keeps the fishing rod together. When utilizing hose clamps clamps could be loose and also the fishing rod left on if not being used.

Benefits and drawbacks 


It folds up really small, could be saved inside a vehicle runk, matches a ruck sack easily, very light, well suited for unpredicted situations


Pieces break easily, while fishing (easily solved using a hose clamp), not appropriate for big fish, reel incorporated within the Kit is actually useless

Customer Review

After I was searching for a retractable fishing rod travel found other models compared to Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel Kit, however after reading through reading user reviews I made the decision to consider a danger as well as an finish. I’m able to honestly express it would be a useful gamble because it is a real great spinning fishing rod travel residing in a corner of my vehicle, or backpack when I’m on tour or vacation.

Since the moving situation has foam inside, is easy to remove to produce room for other small items.

Ok now what about the organization, which makes this Kit? Okuma was discovered later, as well as for quite a while, made fishing tackle equipment for others before being released using their own type of brand-title items. Today, Okuma is one among the country’s premier fish tackle companies, dedicated to the assorted needs of both casual and heavy anglers. Included in that commitment, in case your fishing rod or reel is broken, Okuma offers to service the broken component at any one of its countrywide network of Approved Repair/Warranty Centers.

This trip Kit spinning fishing rod is ideal for storing within the boot of the vehicle for individuals occasions when dealing with a brand new bit of water and would like to throw a lure. Similarly, this spinning fishing rod travel Kit is ideal if you want camping and like catching wild trout for tea. However, should you target large specimen fish or large fish Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel Kit yarn won’t be guy enough and you’re simply advised to purchase another thing.

Bosch 36618-02 Review


New compact tough design for increased maneuverability and less user fatigue

Features 0-500/0-1,600 RPM and 500 in./lbs. of torque20-position clutch settings for precise driving applications

State-of-art lithium-ion battery technology coupled with ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) system guarantees the optimal performance of tool and batteries even for tough work conditions

LED Light is great for dark or enclosed areas


Built tough, the Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact-Tough Litheon Drill/Driver with two slim pack batteries is a durable, powerful, and compact tool for high-quality results. Featuring Durashield housing to guard against wear and tear, the 36618-02 utilizes an 18-volt Litheon battery, which provides 35% more runtime and two times the recharge cycles of its competitors.


Built tough, the Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact-Tough Litheon Drill/Driver with Two Slim Pack Batteries is one of the best rated cordless hammer drill a durable, powerful, and compact tool for high-quality results. Featuring Durashield housing to guard against wear and tear, the 36618-02 utilizes an 18-volt Litheon battery, which provides 35% more runtime and two times the recharge cycles of its competitors.18-Volt Litheon Batteries for Maximum Runtime and Manageability

The 36618-02 utilizes state-of-art lithium-ion battery technology and Bosch’s proprietary ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) system to provide maximum cycle life, minimum self-discharge, and no memory-effect. Best of all, Litheon batteries will fully charge in 30 minutes and will be at 85% capacity in just 15 minutes.

Up to one pound lighter than comparable 18-volt NiCad drills/drivers, the 36618-02 won’t weigh you down. It’s ideal for a wide range of drilling and fastening jobs, from hanging curtains to building a deck; from making automotive repairs to installing cabinetry.

Unique, Flexible Power System

Like all tools in Bosch’s 18-Volt line, this cordless drill/driver can be used with either a 1.3-Ah BAT609 Slim Pack battery (two included) or a 2.6-Ah BAT318 Fat Pack. If you’re looking for a lighter-weight option, the Slim Pack is the perfect choice. If longer runtime is what you need, the Fat Pack will do the job. Bosch is the only power tool manufacturer that provides this option.

Fast Speeds, High Torque, and Durable Construction for Reliable Results

The 36618-02 works at speeds up to 1,600 RPM and provides 500 in./lbs. of torque. Durashield housing, unibody construction, and a steel-reinforced collar help you withstand real-world conditions, like temperature extremes, rain, dirt, debris, and drops.

The 36618-02′s Durashield Housing is constructed with ABS/Nylon composite, which makes the housing flexible and impenetrable. Unlike competitive tools, which use a conventional plastic housing, Durashield will not crack and can easily withstand 10-foot drops.

This tool also features unique unibody construction with three steel straps that keep the motor, gears, and clutch together. This ensures that the gears never separate from the motor, and it keeps the drill functioning even after drops.

Additionally, the 36618-02 boasts an exclusive steel-reinforced collar that protects the nose of the drill. It provides extra reinforcement in the event of drops on the chuck and prevents the chuck from bending or breaking off.

Easy Bit Changes and Balanced Design for Utmost Control

The 36618-02 comes complete with a single-sleeve 1/2-inch chuck for one-handed bit changes, as well as increased drill-bit capacity for versatility. And for maximum control, comfort, and balance, the tool boasts a newly designed handle-grip with finger support.

Smart Features for Easy Use20 clutch settings and a variable-speed trigger help you match the best speed to the job, so you can achieve precise results. At the same time, the 36618-02′s ergonomic design provides optimum comfort and control. And for even greater convenience, LEDs provide illumination when you are working in dark or enclosed areas.

ProVantage Guarantee

The 36618-02 comes with the ProVantage three-year protection plan, which guarantees two years of battery protection and one year of tool protection. Under this plan, you can receive two years of free battery replacements, tool replacement for one year, and a free tool repair package for the second and third years.

What’s in the BoxDrill/driver; two Litheon Slim Packs; 30-minute charger; double-ended bit; and carrying case.
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